Need a handout on 5-FU, Saline, ALA-PDT or Peels? 

Here they are: )

Skin Cancers and Full Skin Exams

We focus on the prevention and treatment of skin cancers. The hallmark of our practice is a complete head to toe full skin exam. We specialize in  dermatoscopic examination of the skin to detect and remove precancerous lesions as well as cancers such as Basal Cell, Squamous Cell and Melanoma. The images scrolling to the left are various skin cancers. All the melanomas are followed by their dermatoscopic image. 

Even if we don't take your insurance rest assured, we are reasonably priced.  We will provide everything you need to submit to your own insurance.  A Full Skin Exam costs between $200 and $300, depending on the complexity and a biopsy costs about $250 or so. We are dermatoscopically trained and have attended the Sloan-Kettering Dermoscopy course, which means we are here to help prevent and detect skin cancer. We will certainly try our best! 

Rashes & Acne

We treat various rashes including but not limited to hives, shingles, lupus, fungal rashes, psoriasis, lichen planus and eczema. We are psoriasis and eczema experts for both children and adults.

Not sure why you have a rash? We will try our best to help you solve and clear your mystery rash! 

We also treat severe nodulocystic acne.  We have many treatment options, including light therapy.