Don't see your insurance listed but want to see Dr. Nandedkar? 

Note: If we do not take your insurance, we are still happy to see you and help in any way we can!  Most of our medical charges are $250 or less. Surgical removal charges are in the same range, perhaps more depending on the complexity. We do not like sticker shock and will give you a price range ahead of time so you are aware of the charges. While we expect payment at the time services are rendered, we will give you everything you need to submit to your insurance yourself. Most insurers will reimburse up to 60% of the visit and most FSA/HSA's will reimburse all of it. 

We accept the following insurances: 

1. Medicare Patients - We NOW TAKE NEW Medicare Patients!

2. Tricare Standard Patients 

3. Cigna all products except "CIGNA CONNECT NETWORK" 

(no referral required for all other HMO portions). 

4. All Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO's except Anthem Healthkeepers

There are numerous and overlapping names for different PPO vs HMO's so please call us first to check if we take your version of Blue Cross Blue Shield. Thanks!

Please be advised that we do not take any BC/BS HMO's such as Anthem Healthkeepers or any other HMO's.  Please check your insurance cards because the fine print can be very tricky to tell if it's a PPO or HMO. If you arrive to the office and have an HMO and still wish to be seen then rest assured, we will provide everything for you to self submit and our  base charge for a New patient Full Skin Exam is  $250 but we may charge up to $375 depending on the complexity of the visit and if you are having a rash or other problems evaluated at the same time. A biopsy is  $200 and add on biopsies are $75 if done at the same time.

WE DO NOT TAKE: Aetna, Alliance, Anthem Health Keepers HMO, Most BC/BS Choice, Compass Rose (primary), Humana, GEHA, Virginia Health Network, Coventry Network, Southern Health Network, Medicaid, MAMSI, PHCS, United and any other insurances that may not be listed.  

Need an Appointment?

Call us at 703-860-1818 
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Please do not send medical information via email! We are happy to help in person and just like we like to see you...we like to see your insurance card. 

PLEASE DON'T FORGET YOUR INSURANCE CARD! We need it in order to see you...Sorry, but we won't be able to see you without it!